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About me


Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site.


I love art – I breathe and live art in all what I do: decorating my home, presenting food on plates, painting city or landscapes and making jewelry. I like to combine my painting and jewelry making with another love I have: people and cultures. I got the inspiration for my jewelry from ethnic tribes that I discovered travelling around the world. I especially like the somewhat rough surfaces and edges that characterize tribal jewelry. This resulted in a set of designer necklaces and jewelry collections each focused on a specific theme where I apply these tribal jewelry characteristics. My first collection is 'The Jocale' designer necklaces and jewelry collection and is inspired by small dancing and moving figures (I call them acrobats) that can also be seen in some of my multi-media paintings. Given the early success, I soon expanded my jewelry line with The 'Manhattan' designer necklace collection that is inspired by the skyline of Manhattan, New York, which is close to my home and my heart. The 'Il Passagio' necklace collection found its roots during my frequent travels to Italy. Passagio means wandering on promenades. This is a favorite of couples and families during the evening, and mine too! My 'Le Chateau' designer necklace collection represents the grandeur of castles and mansions I visited during my travel throughout Europe, and France in particular. Lastly, the 'La Bohemienne' Collection on the other hand is inspired by adventure and freedom with a hint of Asia (where I met my husband).

All my art is made in the USA.


I was born and raised in Belgium, where I earned a pedagogical degree in art. I received further art education in Antwerp (Belgium), California and New Jersey, USA. I now live with my husband and four children close to New York, USA.

Interested in my paintings? Visit my on-line art gallery at Enjoy! 


To which addresses do you deliver?

We don't deliver to PO Box addresses - only home street addresses are accepted (house number and apartment number). 

To which states do you deliver?

We deliver to all states in the USA. However, we don't deliver to Puerto Rico and overseas regions. 

Do you provide International delivery?


Not yet. We will start delivery to a selected set of countries soon. 

What if an item is out of stock?

Unfortunately, it is possible that an item is out of stock because I am an artisanal jewelry maker. Out of stock items will be replenished as soon as possible (a matter of a few weeks); if you can't wait that long I am sure that another jewel from that collection will be equally attractive to you.

What is your returns policy?


You cannot return purchased items. All sales are final. I am an artisanal jewelry maker and artist - my focus is on high quality pieces of art that can be viewed throughout the website. No disappointment guaranteed.

Is shipment insured?

All our shipments are insured through the courier. 

How is your order packed?

The necklace is put in a drawstring pouche which is then put in a small gift bag. This gift bag is then put in a solid courier box that is shipped to your address. 


What are your delivery options ?


We ship all of our products through one courier using standard shipping. 


What are delivery times?


We try to deliver your order within one week if ordered items are in stock; if an item is out of stock delivery will be within two weeks. The only exception is the Il Passaggio collection made to order - here delivery time can take up to four weeks. Once the courier tracking shows 'delivered' we assume that the package was accepted by the customer. 

How much do I pay at check-out?

Prices are exclusive of tax and shipping. These will be calculated at check-out time. Promotional codes can be applied at check-out time. We use Paypal and major credit cards (American Express, VISA, MasterCard) for payment. 


Women's and Men's Designer Necklaces and Jewelry by Vranckx-Jocale
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