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Il Passaggio

The 'Il Passagio' collection of designer necklaces and jewelry creates an experience of easy-going and pleasure, inspired by women walking with their loved ones on the esplanades in Italy, my favorite vacation destination. The pendant comes in sterling silver and brass. The chain is made of colorful twisted Japanese beads.

All my jewelry is handmade and although I love this collection it is extremely labor intensive, which may take longer to deliver. I only have a few pieces in different colors as shown in the product gallery below. However, if you love these pieces, I am happy to make one on request - the only thing necessary is to send me a message through the contact center mentioning the shape (triangle or square), the metal (brass or sterling silver) and the color of the Japanese beaded chain (black, mix gray, mix brown, mix dark blue, mix light blue, mix green, mix ovile green, mix purple, mix red, mix musterd yellow). The delivery time for these custom made ones is maximum four weeks. 

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